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Clayton Dance Lessons

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Take Your Skills To The Next Level With Our Dance Lessons

Whether you're looking for individual Dance lessons or team dance routines, we have it all here at Premier Athletics - Clayton. Our Dance program is designed to help you move with more efficiency and have fun in the process. 

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We offer a cutting-edge facility where young athletes from all across the community can challenge themselves and have a blast learning something new every day.

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Why Is Our Dance Instruction Right For You?

At Premier Athletics - Clayton, we offer everything from technique training to dance history lessons and an introduction to some of the world's most accomplished dancers and choreographers. We're giving individual athletes a place to train and build their skills AND we're proud to host entire teams from all across the community.  

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Our Dance program includes the best instructors in the area and we work hard to adapt our classes to meet the unique of every single athlete.

PLUS, We Even Offer Private Lessons For That Specific Goal You Have In Mind! 

At Premier Athletics - Clayton, our Dance program includes tailored instruction that is designed to help you meet your unique goals and priorities. We're helping students across Clayton:

  • Develop fundamental strength and body control 
  • Learn the joys of dance and the excitement of each accomplishment
  • Build from the very basics into combination movements and routines
  • Master the skills of Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Acro, and more! 

Our Dance Lessons Are Setting Young Adults Up For Lifelong Success

We love offering hands-on Dance instruction giving your child the skills to get the most of every routine. But we know that our training should offer so much more than just physical success for our students. 

At Premier Athletics - Clayton, we work hard every single day to introduce our students to valuable character skills and help them develop the mental tools they'll need to thrive in all aspects of life.

We surround our students with positive role models and we work hard to improve their mental focus and self-confidence.

We're helping young students from across Clayton and beyond take on:

  • Discipline and attention to detail
  • Respect for themselves and others 
  • Perseverance through any challenge 
  • Pride in their accomplishments

Take On The Best Dance Training In All Of Clayton Today!

At Premier Athletics - Clayton, we are so proud to work with young athletes from all across our community, introducing them to a wide range of Dance training and treating them to an exciting experience that simply can't be matched. 

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